Contort Yourself have a Few Tricks for Nervous Dealmakers


Svengalisghost, Mark Forshaw, Parrish Smith, and Zombies Under Stress feature on the Glasgow label’s fourth release.

Taking their name from the no wave classic from James Chance & The Contortions, Glasgow label Contort Yourself has looked to draw a line between the past and present throughout all their output thus far. Each of their three releases to date has paired up music from a byegone industrial era with like-minded contemporary artists, with Helena Hauff, Beau Wanzer, Jamal Moss, and Broken English Club among the latter contributors. Some strange and outlandish titles are clearly central to the Contort Yourself aesthetic and this remains the case with the label’s fourth release.

Taking the title Few Tricks for Nervous Dealmakers, the new Contort Yourself slab is scheduled to arrive in late February and highlights the unreleased mid-’80s works of Eindhoven industrial act Zombies Under Stress. The Dutch connection remains as the Volition Immanent project from Parrish Smith and Knekelhuis’s Mark Van de Maat make their vinyl debut with the “grimacing visage” of opening track “Swarm Behaviour”. L.I.E.S. affiliate Svengalisghost offers up a rare remix with his B-side rework of “Maan Zal Zijn” from Zombies Under Stress, whilst Tabernacle and Berceuse Heroique artist Mark Forshaw contributes the closing track. You can preview all five track from the new 12″ below ahead of its arrival in February.

Contort Yourself will release the Few Tricks for Nervous Dealmakers EP by V/A on February 29.


A1. Volition Immanent – Swarm Behaviour
A2. Zombies Under Stress – Maan Zal Zijn (1986)
A3. Zombies Under Stress – In Onze Tijd (1986)
B1. Zombies Under Stress – Maan Zal Zijn (Svengalisghost Remix)
B2. Mark Forshaw – Submission

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