Dez Williams, Echo 106 and more feature on new Brokntoys record

The London electro outfit end a fine year with the Invisible Darning split 12″ – preview here.

Those seeking the darker, more abstract strains of contemporary electro would be well served to pay attention to the music emanating from Brokntoys. Established in late 2013, the London label has quietly pulled together a solid discography of 12″s from artists that share a similarly dystopic approach to the genre of electro, including Luke Eargoggle, Kurt Baggaley’s Scape One project, and recent Juno Plus feature subject Marco Bernardi. A fourth and final 12″ of the year for Brokntoys finds the label switching focus from full artist releases to a split endeavour with a suitably high profile cast of contributors.

Taking the name Invisible Darning, the four-track 12″ consists of Brokntoys debutants in the shape of Dez Williams, Ma Spaventi and Gstring’s Crystal Maze project, Lux Rec pairing Echo 106, and Albert Van Abbe’s rarely spotted alias The Pulse Projects. The latter’s closing track “Grounds” appears to be a highlight on the basis of the previews below.