Blackest Ever Black slip out bonus Tarquin Manek material

Grab this ‘crucial companion’ to the Australian’s newly released album on the label. 

The micro-scene of dirgey Melbourne acts Tarquin Manek and Carla Del Forno are involved in has been an interesting facet of Blackest Ever Black’s ouput over the past 12 months or so. Any notion we had that BEB boss Kiran Sande employs an Arsene Wenger-style network of label scouts to infiltrate local scenes across the globe was sadly rendered false with the revelation Manek and Del Forno were living nearby in Berlin. This news hasn’t spoiled our ongoing enjoyment of the F ingers album they recorded with Samuel Karmel which landed on Blackest Ever Black this year, or Manek’s recently released solo album Tarquin Magnet.

In a seasonal gesture of goodwill, Blackest Ever Black have now elected to release Do You Know The Mind Of A Bullet?, a cassette-shaped ‘crucial companion’ to that Manek album for free download. Available to stream and download below, the 20-minute, nine track recording features Carla Del Forno on knitting machine, cello and drum duties and shows off Manek’s range as a musician.