MMODEMM present batch D

Nick Klein, Umberto, Chinaski and more feature on the Frankfurt label’s latest cassette boxset – stream all the tracks here.

Frankfurt collective MMODEMM have certainly brought their own distinct angle to the art of running a cassette label, delivering a series of colourful alphabet-themed tape boxsets that tend to capture the eye of any passers-by. Of course some might view these unweildy plastic boxsets as a gimmick, yet with Felix Kubin, Das Ding, Container,¬†Golden Pudel associates F#X and Nika Son and Helena Hauff’s Hypnobeat project with¬†James Dean Brown among the contributors you can’t fault MMODEMM’s musical tastes.

December brings letter D in the series and the royal blue tape box set feature single track contributions from Unknown Precept’s Nick Klein, Lobster Theremin newcomer Privacy, LARJ debutant Chinaski, and the giallorific tones of Umberto. You can stream them all below, with the skittering house of “Going Ham on 56k” by the unheralded DJ S just edging them all as our favourite production. Pre-orders are available direct from the MMODEMM bandcamp.