Rezzett are back on The Trilogy Tapes

Stream “Hey Hugo” from the duo’s forthcoming record for Will Bankhead’s label.

Fans of the red-lining, frazzled techno Rezzett deal in have been well-served this year thanks to the ongoing efforts of The Trilogy Tapes. Will Bankhead’s label scored a coup with the Rezzett Live cassette featuring recordings of two live performances from the mystery pair which surfaced in January, whilst the suitably titled Goodness 12″ followed a few months later. More recently, Bankhead’s joint label venture with skate crew Palace facilitated Rezzett remixing Omar Souleyman for their second TTTPALACE 12″ release.

Need more Rezzett in your life? Well good because the production unit have a fourth 12″ for The Trilogy Tapes in the offing this month, which features “Hey Hugo,” a highlight of their CAV EMPT performance featured on that Rezzett Live cassette. Those unfamiliar with the tape can hear this track in all its hazy glory below.