Peder Mannerfelt gives away Ultimate Hits


The Swedish producer lands a four-track EP on the Glaswegian label that’s free to download.

This morning we were greeted by the news that Swedish producer and EMS Synthi A expert Peder Mannerfelt has landed a surprise EP on Ultimate Hits, a new label out of Glasglow that’s seemingly attached to local record store and distributor Rubadub. Surfacing this year with a four-track various artist EP and subsequent Max McFerren 12″, the label’s third release comes from Mannerfelt following other releases on Avian, his own Peder Mannerfelt Produktion platform, and one of this year’s best album, The Swedish Congo Record, put out on Yves De Mey and Peter Van Hoesen’s Archives Intérieures. Entitled Variations EP, Mannerfelt delivers four idiosyncratic productions that skirt the boundaries of techno and oddball synth noodling. While the music has been committed to vinyl, Mannerfelt has also made WAV files available for free download accessible from his SoundCloud.

Header image courtesy of Gustaf von Arbin

Ultimate Hits on Juno