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Broken English Club goes Suburban Hunting

Cititrax will release a debut album from Oliver Ho’s project next month.

Oliver Ho first adopted the Broken English Club moniker last year, debuting in suitable fashion on the Jealous God label jointly operated by Regis, James Ruskin, and Juan Mendez. Since then, he’s found a welcome home in Veronica Vasicka’s Cititrax operation with a debut split 12″ alongside Mendez as Silent Servant followed by a recent contribution to the label’s inaugural Tracks series.

Welcome news now arrives of Cititrax’s plans to issue a debut Broken English Club album called Suburban Hunting. Due for release next month, the 11-track double pack is described as “a manifestation of his influences (post punk, noise, techno, grindcore) melded into his own unique vision.” Ho offers his own lengthy thoughts on what to expect from the album:

“It’s not about some idea of the future, it’s about a grubbier seedier world. There’s no superior technology here, there’s a romance to damp concrete buildings and abandoned reservoirs. Somewhere in the nursing homes that smell of bleach and piss, under the jaundice yellow glow of street lights, there’s a dark soul. I like music with a sense of dread, there’s drama or suspense in that feeling somewhere.

I am fueled by the energy and noise of 1980’s grindcore. The track “Scum” is a tribute to the Napalm Death song of the same name. Those kind of brutalist noise bands are a very English thing to me, the oblivion of that is romantic. I am fascinated and disgusted by things, and I like that friction. The best things in life seem perverted and disgusting at first and then become beautiful and transcendent.

I have these ideas filling my head and it gives me a sense purpose, I owe it to these obsessions of mine to see them through, to give them a place to exist. That’s Broken English Club. “

Art direction for the album comes from Vasicka and Silent Servant with photography courtesy of Corinne Schiavone. Those wishing to get a taste of this grubbier, seedier world can preview the album on the below SoundCloud player.

Cititrax will release Suburban Hunting by Broken English Club in late November.


1. Nursing Home
2. Vacant
3. Derelict
4. Godless
5. Scum
6. Tourist Zone
7. Crime
8. Suburban Hunting
9. Knives
10. Prayer Space
11. Shallow Pits

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