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Listen to Best Available Technology’s Orphans

Kevin Palmer has uploaded alternative versions of commissioned remixes for all to hear.

Behind the scenes of any great release is a catalogue of trials, errors, alternative takes and variations that may never see the light of the day. Such is the tantalising prospect of all these near misses that it would drive the average music fan mad trying to comprehend all those parallel universes of audio tinkering that might be even sweeter than the version that made the cut. Kevin Palmer recognises the tragedy of those unreleased gems, and through some digital housekeeping of his Best Available Technology archives, he clearly felt inspired to do something about it.

“I just got bummed having blood and sweat getting dusty on my hard drive,” he explained about his own backlog of tracks. “When I get asked to do a remix I like to do a few versions so they have options. I was going through my shit trying to get organized and thought, ‘I like them and maybe someone else will as well’.”

As a result, on the Best Available Technology SoundCloud page there is now a playlist of eleven tracks plucked from data obscurity and given a new chance to roam the information highway. Amongst these offcuts and oddities are three different versions of Mr. Beatnick’s 2013 track “Waning Moon”, another take on Palmer’s remix of Vaghe Stelle for Gang Of Ducks, and various approaches to Tallesen, Imre Kiss and Love Cult amongst other unspecified “Orphans”. There are no plans to release any of these morsels, so for now enjoy them via the SoundCloud player below.