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Noise In My Head return with Villa Åbo

Börft Records founder Jan Svensson aligns with the Australian label for the Sibilant 12″.

Whilst some labels wait for a good clutch of releases before expanding their remit with offshoots, Michael Kucyk’s Noise In My Head boldly wasted little time in adding the archivally-minded Efficient Space sister operation. With the debut offering on Efficient Space from Melbourne synth addict Brendan Schlager now out, Kucyk is refocussing attentions on adding to the Suzanne Kraft and Lucy Cliche releases for Noise In My Head with news of a new 12″ from Villa Åbo. Readers of Juno Plus should be well-versed in history of Villa Åbo, a long-running solo project from Frak man Jan Svensson which first popped up on some Börft releases back in 1997 before being put on hold for some 15 years.

Paul Du Lac’s Bio Rhythm was responsible for coaxing some new Villa Åbo material out of Svensson with the excellent double pack of functional club tools that was A Ruff Swing Below, and we’ve been treated to further records under the name for Börft, Kontra-Musik and Radio Lundberg. Svensson now adds Noise In My Head to his latter day renaissance as Villa Åbo with the three-track Sibilant 12″ the apparent result of a mutual appreciation of Severed Heads and Terse Tapes. Perks & Mini man Misha Hollenbach is responsible for the distinctive artwork as depicted below, where you will also find a generous preview. We also recommend you follow the Noise In My Head radio show on NTS with strong recent guest mixes from Interstellar Funk, Powder, and 33.10.3402.

Noise In My Head will release Sibilant by Villa Åbo in 12″ format on Ocober 26 with the digital edition to follow in November.


A1. Warming Up Signal
B1. Drum-Magnet
B2. Syndrome Beautiful

Noise In My Head on Juno