Tilliander return to Börft with big questions

Tilliander 590

You Have Two Osc And You Detune Them… Than What? asks the long serving Swedish techno producer on his new single.

Andreas Tilliander has been an active force in the Swedish techno scene since long before the more recent wave of labels and artists came through. From first releasing albums through respected experimental label Mille Plateaux through to his successful hardware excursions as TM404, it has been well over ten years that a myriad of his aliases have scattered all kinds of different strains of electronics out into the ether. That said, while he may have been in the game longer than some, he still seems like a latecomer compared to Frak, who launched Börft Records in 1987 as a way to release their first cassette albums in the school playground. Börft has never been healthier than it is right now, with a strong release schedule buoyed by the abundance of great music that fits in with the label aesthetic, including the recently dropped Edmundy EP.

In 2013 Tilliander’s Mini LP came out on the label, and now he returns with a new EP entitled You Have Two Osc And You Detune Them… Than What? A cursory internet search suggests the title is lifted from a thread on music production hardware forum Gearslutz that spiraled from an obscurely worded, possibly trolling question into a 66-page opus of internet nonsense. The tracks Tilliander has donated to this release as ever nod to his own love of hardware with track titles such as “Jam with modded 303 + 707 727 777 and so on”, while plying a fulsome line in Swedish techno of the highest calibre. Check out a sample stream of the release via the player below.

Börft will release You Have Two Osc And You Detune Them… Than What? by Tilliander on December 14.

Tilliander cover 450


A1. Mellanchefen
A2. Juno Junit
B1. Jam with modded 303 + 707 727 777 and so on