Livity Sound experiment with Reverse engineering

The label unveil plans for a Dnuos Ytivil compilation and a new 12″ featuring remixes of Hodge and Bruce tracks.

Good news arrives for those Livity Sound completists out there not swift enough to grip all the vinyl-only releases on sister label Dnuos Ytivil. Next month will see the label issue Reverse Vol. 1, presumably the first in a series of digital compilations pulling together all the material issued on Dnuos Ytivil to date. This means those outside the Livity Sound inner circle have the chance to own binary versions of Dnuos Ytivil contributions from the likes of Bruce, Hodge, Batu and Simo Cell.

Livity Sound have also revealed plans for a new 12″ featuring remixes of recent highlights of the Dnuos Ytivil discography which is due a few weeks before Reverse Vol. 1. The barrelling delights of “Amor Fati” by Hodge have been reworked by Livity Sound co-founder Peverelist, whilst the finely coiffed Bristolian (pictured above) is also on hand to remix Bruce’s marauding soundsystem number “Tilikum”. You are probably familiar with these remixes if you have witnessed the Livity Sound alumni in the dance recently but both can be previewed below.

Livity Sound will release Amor Fati/Tilikum Remixes on October 16 with Reverse Vol. 1 due on October 23.

Amor Fati/Tilikum Remixes Tracklisting:

A1. Hodge – Amor Fati (Peverelist Remix)
B1. Bruce – Tilikum (Hodge remix)

Reverse Vol. 1 Tracklisting:

1. Hodge – Amor Fati
2. Alex Coulton – Bounce
3. Simo Cell – Cellar Door
4. Batu – Spooked
5. Bruce – Tilikum
6. Alex Coulton – Pointe Noire
7. Hodge – Renegades
8. Bruce – Just Getting Started
9. Batu – Clarity (Dismantled)
10. Alex Coulton – War Games
11. Simo Cell – Piste Jaune
12. Alex Coulton – Bounce (Peverelist Remix)

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