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Tectonic announce Ipman album

The UK producer’s debut LP Depatterning will arrive in September.

Last month saw Tectonic add a new face to the label roster in the shape of Ipman, aka South Coast producer Jack Gibbons, who Rob ‘Pinch’ Ellis has clearly been impressed by for some time. Back in 2013, Ipman committed one of the earliest 12″s for Pinch’s Cold Recordings, a label focused on “new movements in the ever evolving UK hardcore-continuum,” and more recently contributed one of the exclusive tracks used on the Pinch B2B Mumdance mix CD. An amended version of the track in question, “Ghostrunner” featured on Ipman’s 12″ debut for Tectonic accompanied by the news a debut album was due on the label too.

Details of that album have now been revealed by Tectonic, with the nine-track Depatterning set to arrive on the label next month featuring music Gibbons has recorded over the past two years. A press release reveals Gibbons experimented with granular and modular synths, rewiring drum machines and mangling sounds with hardware for the album and quotes the “self-professed tech nerd” offering the following on his methods. “I like to create music by experimenting with new ideas and mechanics and letting tracks evolve, and this was no different. I had a pretty free reign and just tried new things and looked at the results.” You can listen to “Gravity” from the album below for an idea of how Gibbon’s “passion for soundsystem music, rave culture and technology” has been realised.

Tectonic will release Depatterning by Ipman on September 25.


1. Regicide
2. Technicolour
3. Gravity
4. IPA
5. Last One In The In The
6. ¥
7. Ø
8. U
9. Strong One

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