Leonardo Martelli next up on Antinote

The Italian producer gets cut to wax for the first time with Menti Singole.

As if Antinote hadn’t kept us busy enough trying to stay up to date with singles, mini-albums and EPs from Domenique Dumont, Geena and Paki & Visnadi in recent months, there’s time for the Parisian label to wave one more slice of essential sound under our noses before a well-earned summer rest. Leonardo Martelli is a relative newcomer from Foligno in Italy, with just one prior cassette behind him, which appeared on Drvg Cvltvre’s New York Haunted label. While the Human Condition release may have offered keen eared tape heads a chance to get acquainted with Martelli’s work, the burgeoning producer’s next release should mark a more decisive step on to many more listeners’ radar.

There is a distinct electro flavour hovering over Martelli’s Antinote debut, placing it in stark contrast to the breezy pop of the Domenique Dumont release or Paki & Visnadi’s poised ambience. Of course there is still plenty of room for the kind of leftfield meandering that Antinote has made its name on, but with a more forthright club purpose beating at its heart. Menti Singole is due to arrive at the start of next week, and can be heard in full below.

Antinote will release Menti Singole by Leonardo Martelli on July 6.


A1. Filippo
A2. Francesco
B1. Leonardo
B2. Marco

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