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Vaghe Stelle explores Abstract Sound + Speed

The Italian artist will release a new mini-album through the Other People label in July.

One of the artists featured in the extensive and quite prescient focus on contemporary Italian electronics our former scribe Scott Wilson wrote last year, Vaghe Stelle is a name that has cast a prominent shadow over Juno Plus in recent times. Last seen contributing to the excellent No (The Relative Effect of Explication) album by XIII, Vaghe Stelle’s musical talents have graced Astro:Dynamics, Danse Noire and murky sonic activists Gang Of Ducks. That latter label was also responsible for issuing material from the One Circle project the Turin artist is involved in with Presto!? man Lorenzo Senni and soundtrack composer Francesco Fantini.

Today news arrived that Nicolas Jaar is the latest to have been seduced by Daniele Mana’s work as Vaghe Stelle, with his Other People label planning to issue a mini-album called Abstract Sound + Speed. Due to arrive in July, the seven-track ‘mini album’ takes titular inspiration from the 1913-14 painting by Italian artist Giacomo Balla, a noted exponent of the Futurism art movement in early 20th Century Italy. Musically, Vaghe Stelle aims to draw further parallels with Futurism, updating the movement’s obsession with automobiles to focus on the “newer precedent set by digital networks, how they move our bodies and how our representations move through them.” You can stream “Multiple Concentric Hexagon” from the album for an idea of what to expect.

Other People will release Abstract Sound + Speed by Vaghe Stelle on July 6.


1. Out
2. Eva
3. Hyper
4. Tempo
5. 25 Minutes
6. Multiple Concentric Hexagon
7. Zeman

Header photo courtesy of Francesco Coia