Experience a Kicks Invasion from Life’s Track

Stream an appropriately named track from the Italian pair forthcoming on the Black Opal label. 

With the superb Leg Go album from XOSAR still very much fresh in our minds, the Black Opal series is set to expand with several White Label releases planned over the coming months. Revealed in typically low-key fashion by the establishment of a dedicated Black Opal SoundCloud page, we can expect records in the White series from New York artists J. Albert and Nathan Melja, as well as the Life’s Track project from Italian duo Herva and Dukwa. Cuts from both those US-based producers can be heard here but we’d like to focus on Life’s Track, whose “Kicks Invasion” can be streamed in full below and is surely up there with Max D’s “Flex Cathedral” in the the most aptly-named track title of 2015 stakes.