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Juno Plus Staff Mix Vol. 8: Oli Warwick

Our new staff writer Oli Warwick steps up to the Staff Mix series for almost 90-minutes of selections peppered with some interesting spoken words.

I always prefer some kind of conceptual angle when approaching a mix, however vague or abstract it may be. When it came to delivering something suitable to the Juno Plus Staff mix series, there was of course a certain freedom afforded to the task by virtue of the wide-ranging editorial line, so I had to think up my own limitations to push up against. That said, I also wanted to keep options open and deliver something less contrived and more instinctive, which led me to setting the goal posts in the amorphous grey area known as ‘records I own that are in some way linked to Juno’.

Some records I have reviewed for Juno Plus, some are by people I have interviewed for the site, some are on labels I have covered for the site, some I bought on Juno Records as a result of doing product descriptions, and one or two I bought years ago but feel they have some particular spirit which compelled me to include them in the running. That left the options nice and open to pick a fairly instinctive path through a bulky stack of records, which I now present to you as a one take shakedown, wobbly bits n’ all.

Having done the hard part, I also struck upon the idea of digging into my archive of interview recordings, specifically picking out interviews conducted for Juno Plus from unnamed artists and general music bods. It’s a little sonic decoration that in most places can’t really be deciphered for all the delay and reverb, but I felt it added some weight to the rather flimsy “Juno-y” approach I had struck upon, and if you strain your ears you might get a chuckle or two.

Oli Warwick


1. Even Tuell – Thanden Strakk (Meakusma)
2. Desert Sky – Untitled (Desert Sky)
3. SW – Track 1 (Sued)
4. Hashman Deejay – Samba (Falstaff)
5. Stellar Om Source – Elite Excel (Kassem Mosse Remix) (Rvng Intl.)
6. Frak – Second Coming (DJ Sotofett Remix) (Sex Tags Mania)
7. The Thrillers – Tin Drums (Persona Records)
8. Jagdstaffel 66 – Nur Fur Die F-104 (Creme Organisation)
9. Ion Ludwig – I Don’t Know How To Say (Trelik)
10. Subdued Kamel – Studsande Kamel (Bossmusik)
11. Voigtmann – The Good Ones Go (Craig Richards Remix) (Yumé)
12. Holdie Gawn – Moon Ride (Sylphe)
13. René Audiard – Doctrine (Supply)
14. Mirko – Bergstrom (Blank Slate)
15. Vester Koza – Mosquito (Maslo)
16. The Money Penny Project – Clarisse-C (Two Lone Swordsmen Double Mutator Mix) (Nuphonic)
17. Pit Spector – Santétiseur (Salon)
18. Fur – Snow (UNO)