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Gobstopper make the leap to vinyl with Iglew

Mr Mitch’s label will release the Leeds-based artist’s debut EP as its first 12”.

Considering the digital label market is a gateway to slinging out as many releases as your upload bandwidth can handle at any one time, credit must go to Mr. Mitch for taking a measured approach to his own Gobstopper Records. Since 2010 the releases on the hitherto digital-only label have come out in considered flurries, showcasing artists Deset, Moony, MattWizard and Dark0 alongside his own productions. Marking a shift towards the physical format, the recently released Peace Edits white label showcased Mitch’s retort to the phenomenon of war dubs that infected drum and bass, jungle, grime and all manner of bass-weighted online communities in 2014. Featuring a host of up and coming talents refiguring pop and RnB classics, the low-key release paved the way for the first vinyl release proper for Gobstopper.

Iglew may be an unknown quantity in the world of releases, but he has been surreptitiously building up an identity through support from Mitch as well as the likes of Last Japan and, according to The Astral Plane, “there are Iglew joints circulating in nearly every Boxed mix”. That should give you an impression of the kind of excitement the producer is generating in the bountiful instrumental grime scene, with Mitch’s official endorsement by way of the Urban Myth EP more than likely propelling Iglew to yet more notoriety. You can get a feel for the sound of Iglew by way of the below Soundcloud preview.

Gobstopper will release Urban Myth EP by Iglew on April 27.


1. Sleep Lighter
2. Urban Myth
3. Regalia
4. Cymatism