All Caps introduces Florist

The Canadian Riviera is the source once again for All Caps – stream the newcomer’s excellent “Final Bounce”.

We’ve kept keen ears on the All Caps show on Rinse FM fronted by Bake (pictured above) and you should too, not least for guest mixes on the way by Beatrice Dillon, Spencer Doran of Fairlights, Mallets & Bamboo fame, and 10 Inches of Pleasure boss DJ Nozaki. Bake’s been dropping some not so subtle hints regarding the identity of the next All Caps release which focuses again on the ever flourishing Vancouver scene and introduces the lesser known resident Florist. Full details of the producer’s All Caps debut are still under wraps but you should be getting very excited on the basis of lead track “Final Bounce” which is available to stream below.

Like much of Florist’s work, “Final Bounce” has been simmering away on the artist’s SoundCloud page invitingly for some time, waiting for the correct label to indulge and grant it the physical release it deserves. There’s a wonderfully sticky feeling to the production that has a hint of Terekke to it – not least in the cheeky yet crafty sampling.