Mix Mup visits Beach Hotel De Haan

The Leipzig artist’s next release will arrive on the Meakusma label.

Speaking with Oli Warwick for a label feature last year, Meakusma co-founder Michael revealed their current focus was not so much on club nights or club music, but making it “a logical step that our releases are not so club based any more.” Certainly recent album projects with Georgia and Different Fountains were a sign that the Brussels collective were fully willing to veer off into more esoteric territory, though the Spectrum EP from Ryo Murakami issued in November was the sort of music the more adventurous DJs out there could angle into their sets. Much the same could be said about the artist in line for the next release from Meakusma; Mix Mup.

We had to double check the news of the forthcoming Beach Hotel De Haan was Lorenz Lindner’s debut for Meakusma, so aligned are their styles that we were sure there had been some sort of Mix Mup contribution prior. Due for release in late May or early June, the record features “three tracks aimed at adventurous dancefloors and one soulful, ambientish track to top it all off”. News of this debut for Meakusma arrives with the Juno Plus office speakers blasting out Mix Mup’s excellent new Skip Intro 12″ for The Trilogy Tapes

Meakusma will release Beach Hotel De Haan by Mix Mup in late May.


A1. Seaweed
A2. Wellpappe
B1. Plastic Bag
B2. De Balkons