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Galcher Lustwerk launches Lustwerk Music

“It’s not really a label though. It’s just Lustwerk music.” Galcher Lustwerk reveals his plans for the new endeavour.

A close associate to the White Material label, the velvety toned Galcher Lustwerk was responsible for their third release with the excellent Tape 22 12″ released in May 2013, but he’s undoubtedly more well known for 100% Galcher. This hour long project of original Lustwerk material for the Blowing Up The Workshop site overseen by Juno Plus contributor Matthew Kent was slipped out onto the net in 2013 accompanied by the simple and understated text: “some tracks and stems from 2012 compiled into a promomix”.

The popularity of 100% Galcher snowballed via word of mouth and social networks to the point it featured prominenety among many end of year lists and even formed the basis of a Pitchfork feature. There is understandably some clamour to possess the music from the project in a more tangible format so its a pleasant surprise to discover Lustwerk has established a new label as an outlet to distribute it on vinyl. Entitled simply, Lustwerk Music, the label will launch in June with the Parlay EP which features three highlights of 100% Galcher (we are quite excited to see “Kaint” on there) as well as a Dub mix of the title-track.

In order to get a better idea of Lustwerk’s motivations for the label, and to find out a little more on what we should expect from it’s output, to how it fits in alongside his commitments to White Material, we sent the American some questions which can you read after the embedded full stream of “Parlay”.

Hello Galcher, can you tell us why you decided to start the label Lustwerk Music?

I’ve been trying to put these tracks out for a long time, meeting with distributors and labels, but things weren’t clear enough for me. I had a lot of unanswered questions. I decided that I would get the most personal experience (and also the most money) by releasing them myself. It’s not really a label though. It’s just Lustwerk music.

And this will be a platform for you to issue work alongside your ongoing association with White Material?

Yes. I have a ton of new tracks reserved for White Material when the time comes…

The myth goes some of the material from the classic Blowing Up The Workshop mix was lost on a faulty hard drive, could you clear that up?

It was pretty tragic. Days after I sent Matthew a 192kbps version of the mix, my computer crashed. Some tracks I had zero backups of. Luckily I had remnants of others, including “Put On” (which was on White Material WM004). I had to re-mix and re-arrange the tracks using stems and the mp3 as a reference. I played them out and tweaked them a bit. They sound much better now.

Has it sunk in just how much the 100% Galcher mix is loved over here?

It’s a blessing. I’m happy it resonates with people.

Beyond the two confirmed 12”s what else is planned for Lustwerk Music?

I’d like to release what people want to hear. If they heard something of mine on a mix and keep emailing me about it, I could put that out.

And what can we expect from White Material in 2015?

More represses are expected to come out, as well as Morgan Louis’ and Alvin Aronson’s records. It’ll be an exciting year!

Lustwerk Music will release the Parlay EP by Galcher Lustwerk on June 8.


A1. Parlay
A2. Dockside
B1. Kaint
B2. Parlay (Dub)