Janus introduce Bekelé Berhanu

Consume the third release from the Berlin collective which comes from the unheralded artist. 

With the recent release of Heterocetera on Tri Angle from Janus member Lotic, the man responsible for the Berlin collective’s debut collagist mixtape, it seems a perfect time for them to unveil a third offering in the intermittent series. There’s a frustrating lack of information out there regarding the identity of Bekelé Berhanu beyond some sparse SoundCloud and YouTube profiles but this seems trivial to focus on in the face of the powerful 30 minutes of continual music that is JANUS003. Available to stream and download below, Berhanu’s Untitled contribution consists of four tracks that could be placed alongside the mangled hardcore of a Millie & Andrea live set. It makes for perfect mood setting for tonight’s Jam City LP launch party in London which sees Janus take over the second room of Corsica Studios – click here for more info.