Fluxion’s Broadwalk Tales gets remixed

Broadwalk Tales

Listen to Joey Anderson and DeepChord reconstructions of Greek dub techno icon Fluxion.

Konstantinos Soublis, more commonly known in music circles as Fluxion, is a product of the Basic Channel associated Chain Reaction label, a platform which throughout the mid-’90s to 2000 released music from storied artists like Monolake, Substance (aka DJ Pete), Vladislav Delay and Porter Ricks. Since Basic Channel and Chain Reaction’s heyday, Fluxion has gone on to release music for Greek label Vibrant Music before finding a new home of Danish imprint Echocord, a label run by Kenneth Christiansen that’s connected to Copenhagen club Culture Box.

To date Fluxion has released three albums on Echocord, a label that’s worked with artists like Luke Hess, Deadbeat, STL, Conforce and XDB, with Soublis’┬ámost recent LP being this year’s Broadwalk Tales. To follow up, Kenneth Christiansen’s label has commissioned one remix from Joey Anderson and two reconstructions from dub techno’s highly respected DeepChord. Joey Anderson provides a typically deep and jacking Jersey house version of an originally vaporous “You Don’t Know”, while Rod Modell naturally opts for fading resonance and cloudy white noise in his two DeepChord variations of “For You”. Listen to all three tracks in full below.