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Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter mix up Weekends and Beginnings

Mister Saturday Night

The duo behind the Mister Saturday Night parties and label will release a mix CD inspired by their “desire to play records for people”.

Cast your cursors back to 2011 and you’ll find Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter provided our then burgeoning podcast series with its 15th mix as Mister Saturday Night. Since then the duo’s parties have continually grown in popularity, with their Mister Sunday edition making its way outside of Brooklyn for the first time for an afternoon soiree at London’s Oval Space earlier this year. In 2012 the Mister Saturday Night label was launched with the much loved Mad Disrespect 12″ by Anthony Naples, with Harkin and Carter going on to release records by artists like Archie Pelago, Dark Sky and Gunnar Haslam, culminating with the massive Mister Saturday Night Brothers & Sisters compilation earlier this year.

On the Weekends and Beginnings mix CD, the duo’s first commercial release, Harkin and Carter present an 18-track mix recorded live at Mister Sunday in late August. A press release suggests the mix is “just as suitable for home and headphone consumption as it is for a party,” and artists to feature across its 77 minutes include Anthony Parasole, Ike Release, Mr G, Bass Clef and Maurice Fulton. Off-piste selections are also thrown into the mix via gospel-oriented house music group Jasper Street Company, the Todd Terry produced House of Gypsies project, Kompakt co-founder Jürgen Paape and DJ Duke.

Regarding the mix, the duo had this to say: “When people ask us about Mister Saturday Night and Mister Sunday, we tend to focus on the details of the events. The seemingly little things like friendly staff and a springy dancefloor make a big difference in how good a party is, but the main reason we pay attention to them is that we’re trying to create the best environment for people to enjoy music. Before we’re producers of parties and guys running a record label, we’re DJs. Everything else we do with Mister Saturday Night and Mister Sunday comes from our desire to play records for people. That’s what we’re putting forward on Weekends and Beginnings.”

Mister Saturday night will release Weekends and Beginnings on November 18.



1. Le Chanteur – La Passion des Collines
2. Terrence Jerome – Believe**
3. Alice Smith – Love Endeavor (Maurice Fulton Remix)
4. Nebraska – Green Marimba
5. Cobblestone Jazz – Traffic Jam
6. Mr. G – Daily Prayer
7. Anthony Parasole/Elgato – Quickstrike/Zone
8. Caribou – Leave House (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)
9. Adesse Versions – Modal
10. Jasper Street Company – Solid Ground (Tommy Musto Remix)
11. House of Gypsies – Another Worry
12. Lord Nelson – Shango (Daniel Haaksman and DJ Beware Remix)
13. DJ Duke – Sun Beats
14. Jurgen Paape – Take That
15. Ike Release – Phazzled
16. Recloose – Can’t Take It (Herbert’s Some Dumb Dub)
17. Bass Clef – Ghost Kicks In The Spiral
18. Sam Orwell – Secret Nothings