Umor Rex to issue a second M. Geddes Gengras collection

The Mexican label will present a selection of purely modular recordings made by the LA-based artist on the forthcoming Collected Works Vol. 2: New Process Music.

Last year the Umor Rex label was granted full access to the archives of M. Geddes Gengras for Collected Works Vol. 1: The Moog Years, a wonderful selection of recordings the prolific Los Angeles artist made between 2008 and 2011 using his Moog Rogue and MG-1 synthesizers. Consisting of unreleased material and tracks Gengras had previously issued in limited cassette format, Collected Works Vol. 1 made for immersive listening and really highlighted his mastery of the Moog.

Having recently unleashed another killer batch of lovingly crafted cassette tapes (the Derek Rogers tape in particular comes highly rated), Umor Rex has now revealed plans to issue a further collection of archival works by Gengras, with the focus on his other love: the modular synthesizer. Entitled Collected Works Vol. 2: New Process Music, the upcoming release draws from a body of unreleased recordings Gengras made between 2011-12 when he first started experimenting with purely modular compositions.

Some eight tracks deep, this new collection is described by the label as representing a major aesthetic shift for Gengras, “fusing the long-form modular compositions he had been exploring on a bevy of small-run cassette releases with a new obsession with post-production editing to create a deeply tuned aural environment”.

Umor Rex will release Collected Works Vol. 2: New Process Music by M. Geddes Gengras on November 21.


1. Pure
2. Slider
3. Ricochet
4. Glass Dance
5. The Last Time We Were Here
6. Relation
7. New Process
8. Pure