Giganta and Broshuda get rewired by S Olbricht

The Hungarian artist provides a taste of the next compelling release from videogamemusic.

Looking backwards in order to move matters forwards, fledgling Camberwell operation videogamemusic once again signals its penchant for releases of a conceptual nature with news of a collection of “remixes, reinterpretations and rearrangements” themed around the Giganta and Broshuda collaboration “Gardens”. Intitially surfacing earlier this year, the clipped MPC beatdown of “Gardens” from Athens Werkdiscs correspondent Giganta and Broshuda, a self styled exponent of “Far Out Dork Music”, was perhaps overlooked amidst the constant swell of content, but evidently tickled the A&R pickle of videogamemusic.

As opposed to simply requesting a raft of remixes, the label commissioned an as-yet-unrevealed cast of producers and artists to feel their way through the stems with a brief of creating something new entirely. The results are set to be transmitted across two cassettes next month, with “Orangery Trance” from Farbwechsel artist S Olbricht (pictured above) a perfect example of the new shapes the source material can be twisted into. You can stream the original here for comparison purposes.