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Mr Mitch reveals Parallel Memories

Full details of the Boxed resident and Gobstopper boss’s debut album for Planet Mu are revealed.

As reported last week, Mr Mitch – the grime producer also known as one of the residents of London’s Boxed night and boss of Gobstopper Records – has signed to Planet Mu for a forthcoming EP and debut album. With the Don’t Leave EP already confirmed for a release on November 3, Planet Mu has revealed the producer’s debut album, Parallel Memories, is set for release on December 1.

As a press release from the label explains, Parallel Memories is so titled because when listening to his tracks, he apparently “sees the same vivid scenes in his head each time he replays the music, often repeated snapshots of his life in various impossible scenarios or distorted situations.” Expanding on the idea, the producer himself says: “What if the images I’m seeing are memories from an alternative version of me in a parallel dimension?”

Though this certainly isn’t a concept we might have expected from an instrumental grime album, the music itself promises to expand on the producer’s minimalist, heavily melodic style, with the press release making the suggestion that album track “The Night” sounds “like something Boards Of Canada might do if they came from S.E. London.” The album also features “Sweet Boy Code”, a collaboration with recent Gobstopper artist Dark0, and should be an intriguing companion to fellow Boxed resident Slackk’s Palm Tree Fire album, released just last month on Local Action.

Planet Mu will release Parallel Memories on December 1.



1. Afternoon After
2. The Night
3. Intense Faces
4. Don’t Leave
5. It Takes Hold Of You
5. Sweet Boy Code (ft Darko)
6. Wandering Glaciers
7. Feel ( Don’t Ask)
8. Bullion
9. Denial
10. Fly Soup
11. Hot Air