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Plant43 shows off Scars of Intransigence

The UK electro artist will release a new album through the Shipwrec label next month.

A founding member of sprawling London collective Bleep43, producer and graphic designer Emile Facey has built up a strong body of work since he first surfaced under the Plant 43 alias back in 2006, showcasing a style of electro that sat somewhere between his childhood fascination with Kraftwerk and the sub-aqueous adventures of Drexciya. A strong association with the now defunct AI Records resulted in two Plant43 albums and several 12″ releases, and as Facey’s sound has developed his music has drawn admiring glances from the likes of Semantica, Cultivated Electronix, Central Processing Unit and Frustrated Funk.

It’s now been revealed that Facey has completed a fourth album, his first in some four years, due for release later this month on the blossoming Nijmegen-based Shipwrec label. Entitled Scars Of Intransigence, the forthcoming eight-track set is described by a press release as equally suited for home listening and club play, with the following statement from Facey offering some proper insight into his motivations when recording.

“I try to express my emotions and feelings though the mood of my music, images and song titles, and Scars Of Intransigence captures some of the anger, sadness and hope I feel in relation to the state of the world we live in today. The scars are those inflicted by governments who seem hell-bent on perpetuating a world reliant on fossil fuels where elitism, privatisation and vast personal wealth thrive at the cost of other people, animals and our environment.”

Shipwrec will release Scars of Intransigence by Plant43 on October 13.


A1. Dormant Technology
A2. UnnamedResistance
B1. Cavernous Bones
B2. Fire Burning Inside
C1. The Coldest Rule
C2. Wounding Words
D1. Emerald Abyss
D2. Pale Reflection