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WéMè celebrate a decade with new compilation

The Brussels-based label has pulled together tracks from DJ Stingray, Leyland Kirby, DMX Krew and more for the forthcoming WeMe10ans.

Since it was established by Fred De Chez in 2004, WéMè Records has worked tirelessly to offer a platform for contemporary electro artists from Europe and across the Atlantic with the occasional deviation into more esoteric fare. A glance at the Brussels-based label’s discography shows the label has worked extensively with Drexciya pair Gerald Donald and DJ Stingray, releasing material from their joint NRSB-11 project as well as solo albums. In addition WéMè have released material from DMX Krew, Black Narcissus and Ceephax Acid Crew alongside reissuing work by French composer François de Roubaix, soundtrack scores for Nicolas Winding Refn films and the occasional dalliance with Todd Osborn (Soundmurderer) and Leyland Kirby.

This month represents ten years since De Chez founded WéMè Records and to celebrate the label have pulled together some exclusive material from the artists that have helped establish it for a limited edition compilation. Entitled WeMe10ans, the thirteen track compilation is due for release next month and offers a perfect encapsulation of the WéMè ethos with electro mainstays Der Zyklus, DJ Stingray and Global Goon sharing space with Scottish composer Giles Lamb and Leyland Kirby. A digital edition of the compilation can be downloaded now on a pay-what-you-want basis from the WéMè bancamp.

WéMè Records will release WeMe10ans on September 15.


1. STEVE – Aqua Trix
2. TVTM – BreakLights
3. Ceephax – Seaside Mystery
4. François de Roubaix – Piste 23
5. Der Zyklus – T4
6. DMX Krew – Complicated Feeling
7. Acid Kirk – lapsed
8. MNLTH – Neptune 44 16
9. Giles Lamb – Apex
11. CN – Amun
12. Global Goon – Moogbrationid
13. Leyland Kirby – Bulman