Premiere: Escape From Babylon with Lord Tusk

Stream the London-based musician’s forthcoming return to the Levels label in full here. 

Pictured above reclining somewhere in leafy Fiji, Lord Tusk was first brought to wider attention last year when the Londoner was granted the honour of inaugurating Jon Rust’s Levels record label with the fairly indescribable Natural Partnerships EP, gleefully straddling tempos and hinting at an auspicious mastery of music hardware. A recent debut for FunkinEven’s Apron label alongside co-conspirator Brassfoot further suggested Lord Tusk to be quite the talent, with “Space Invaders” a stand out track that featured an ingenious slack-jawed lyrical assault against those who invade his “periphery” spat out over lightsaber sound effects.

Jon Rust seems to be on a mission to further the cause of Lord Tusk with the third Levels release welcoming him back into the fold; due early next month, we’ve been granted an advance airing of the four-track Escape From Babylon 12″ in full, with battling drum machine rhythms the dominant theme throughout.