Premiere: Inner Surface Music welcome Angus Tarnawsky

Angus TarnawskyAnD and Tom Dicicco’s label introduce new name Angus Tarnawsky with the Pitched EP and we have a full stream of the title track and AnD’s remix.

The latest artist to join the growing fold of Inner Surface Music is the Brooklyn-based Australian Angus Tarnawsky and it’s the first solo EP for ISM since Tom Dicicco’s rigid Exit 12″. The Australian’s inclusion follows the one-off collaboration between Inigo Kennedy and Patrick ‘ Forward Strategy Group’ Walker from 2012 and other contributions from artists like Truss, Sunil Sharpe and Yuji Kondo who appeared on the label’s two most recent records. 

Tarnawsky has been releasing classically geared experimental music since 2008 for off-piste labels like In Context Music, EXO Records and Boo Tapes, and as well as his “Somewhere between Aphex Twin & Steve Reich” Ef Es VII / 2 collaboration with pianist Richard Bennett, he is part of New York punk outfit Apache Beat. To help get Tarnawsky’s techno career off to a start, AnD have provided Juno Plus readers the opportunity to listen to the title cut from Pitched in full, as well as AnD’s typically hard, but spatially complimenting remix.