Killing Sound surface on Blackest Ever Black

The Young Echo trio will release a self-titled doublepack on the label next month.

Killing Sound is just one of many creative outlets for the Young Echo collective, and sees Amos Childs, Seb ‘Vessel’ Gainsborough and Sam Kidel collectively plough the deepest analogue depths. Tangible recorded material from the trio first began surfacing online over the summer of 2012 and thus far has culminated in a sole 16 minute production that formed the B-side of the debut cassette from the No Corner label. News has now surfaced that the trio will release their full debut record through the Berlin-based Blackest Ever Black next month.

Titled simply Killing Sound, the forthcoming release is described by the label as “four oblique soundsystem murderers” and is seemingly presented for optimum club play with one track cut per side by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering across two slabs of vinyl. Intriguingly, the release features “Thousand Hands” which made an appearance on Juno Plus way back in October 2012 and was described at the time as four minutes where “gun clacking sound system FX are swallowed by the ever swelling envelope of sonic claustrophobia” – clips of all four tracks can be heard in the SoundCloud preview below.

Blackest Ever Black will release the Killing Sound 2×12″ in March.


A. Six Harmonies
B. Thousand Hands
C. Eight Methods
D. Water Boxing