Russell Haswell joins Diagonal with 37 Minute Workout

The multi-disciplinary artist and noise veteran will provide the London label’s second full-length release.

A respected figure within the world of visual arts, which has seen him exhibit in numerous galleries across the world over the last two decades, Russell Haswell is perhaps best known for his prolific work in the realm of experimental noise. Brandishing a discography that dips back into the late ’90s and features a raft of releases across Editions Mego, iDEAL and Warp and high profile collaborations with Florian Hecker (including a release that might have inspired Blackest Ever Black’s name) recent years have seen him release an LP for Downwards as well as collaborate with Regis on the Concrete Fence project for PAN.

Haswell’s next solo album will be entitled 37 Minute Workout, and will arrive on the Diagonal Records imprint run by Powell and Jaime Williams. It will supposedly see a slight shift in his recorded output towards something with sections that are more “overtly rhythm driven”, together with “strobing beats and interference suggesting techno torn to bloody shreds before being reassembled in chaotic new configurations.” The illuminating press release from the label also cites Haswell’s influences for the record are informed by a range of contemporaries including Autechre, Aphex Twin, Adrian Sherwood and Napalm Death. Those wishing to preview the LP (whose name supposedly refers to a Paul Morley quote about the perfect album being 37 minutes long together with the strenuous nature of the music) can listen to bracing album track “Blast Beats” below.

Diagonal Records will release 37 Minute Workout by Russell Haswell on LP and digital formats in February.


1. Spring Break Extended
2. Alternate Ways To The Truth
3. Neutrino Hunter
4. Unknown Harm
5. Incalculable Harm
6. Chaos Clapping
7. Chaos Clapping Reprise
8. In Memorium Of Elph
9. Scratchy
10. Scratchy (Freeze Dub)
11. Blast Beats
12. Convalescence