Pender Street Steppers next up on Mood Hut

The Vancouver-based collective and label will release the debut single from the project next month.

Vancouver’s Mood Hut collective provided some of last year’s most exceptional house music, with their label arm putting out choice 12″s from Aquarian Foundation, Cloudface and Ttam Renat, and the brilliant Life In The Zone cassette mix from the Pender Street Steppers. Although labels like Going Good and Future Times have also showed an interest in the Mood Hut sound with music from their artists either released or forthcoming on those labels, the Mood Hut label itself is one to keep a close eye on this year.

The label’s first record of the new year will come from the Pender Street Steppers, whose sole output so far consists of the aforementioned Life In The Zone, and as with the the rest of the Mood Hut crew, like to keep themselves fairly low-key. On the basis of the clips below however, their sound seems to be more freeform than that of their peers, with “Bubble Track” and “Temple Walk” operating outside of the rigid 4/4 framework of house and “Love Theme (Angelo)” applying blissful Chicago-inspired sounds to a a more rapid tempo.

Mood Hut will release MH004 by Pender Street Steppers on 12″ vinyl on February 14.


A1. Bubble World
B1. Love Theme (Angelo)
B2. Temple Walk