Galcher Lustwerk has a Global Style

The White Material act steps out on a forthcoming split tape release for Pacific Psychedelia Tapes – stream a track here.

This year it seems like everyone was seduced by 100% Galcher, the album length mixtape Lustwerk contributed to the Blowing Up The Workshop mix series – described quite aptly by Rory Gibb as “twilight mischief, weedsmoke, rum and psychedelics”. The Brooklyn-based artist’s vocals were key to the appeal of that hour long mix and Lustwerk’s recorded output thus far too, though it seems that he won’t be letting himself get pigeonholed by the supposed “spoken-word house” tag some have daubed him with.

Lustwerk has contributed two tracks to right sound,right place 1, an upcoming limited cassette release from local label Pacific Psychedelia Tapes, which also features music from fellow White Material cohort Alvin Aronson, Japanese artist Miruga and PPT’s own Drome Grunge – you can sample the whole thing here. Available to stream in full below, “Global Style” finds Lustwerk laying down eight minutes of crisp, percolating house that gradually teases out the most sumptuous of chiming melodic refrains.