Listen to Call Super take on Second Storey

Stream the Berlin-based producer’s contribution from Houndstooth’s surprise end of year remix compilation in full.

Yesterday Fabric’s Houndstooth label capped off an impressive first year of operation with HTH vs HTH, a surprise digital remix compilation that sees the entire label roster contribute a remix of one other track from a Houndstooth artist, available for the bargain price of £1 for the lot from the label’s website. As label A&R Rob Booth explained, the label “wanted to offer those people some new and exclusive music that would tie off the year and release something that will act as an affordable label sampler to introduce casual listeners to other Houndstooth artists.” As such, Special Request, Akkord, House of Black Lanterns, _Unsubscribe_, Snow Ghosts, Second Storey and Call Super all contribute with some striking reworks.

Our favourite remix on the compilation comes from Berlin-based Call Super, whose two EPs for Houndstooth this year have been resounding label highlights with the Juno Plus team this year. On his “Fraud Loop” rework of Second Storey’s “Still Seas”, he takes the frenetic, fractured original, and turns it into a piece of electro-inspired wavejumping that comes across like a blissed out Drexciya track. Short clips of each track on the compilation can be heard at the Houndstooth Soundcloud page.