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Ben Sims to mix fabric 73

UK techno mainstay has packed a hefty 44 tracks into his mix CD which is due in December.

The Fabric mix series has largely focused on harder edged sounds this year, dipping into the popular Romanian minimal scene with contributions from Rhadoo and Petre Inspirescu, Parisian collective Appollonia and of course Sandwell District, with a contribution from Cassy perhaps the most accessible. Described by a wise techno sage in the Juno office as “like The Wizard, and tight with it too,” Ben Sims ensures the series ends 2013 with a figurative bang, with the London-based DJ and producer brandishing some two decades of experience in the UK techno scene.

Said to be influenced by the “perfect and elusive” environment of fabric’s Room 2, fabric 73 is the first commercially released mix from Sims in some five years which looks to be a diverse affair featuring tracks from L-Vis 1990, Chicago Skyway, Special Request and Robert Hood. A faintly ridiculous 44 tracks long, with 18 of them unreleased, the mix was laid down live in sections by Sims using three CDJs, with “Sims then poring over details, adding edits, and stitching the various parts together in Ableton to form a master mix”.

A press release for fabric 73 has the Theory Recordings founder stating, “fabric already plays a special role in my life as an DJ as it’s one of (my) fave places to play but now the mix CD takes it to the next level. I’m very happy and excited to be a part of the series and cement our relationship further.”

Fabric Records will release fabric 73 on December 2.


1. Joton ­- GS 01
2. Kryptic Minds & Paul Mac -­ Icon
3. Kirk Degiorgio -­ Dread
4. Alden Tyrell -­ Wurk It
5. Ben Sims -­ The Little Jam (Edit)
6. Floorplan ­- Higher (Ben Sims Remix)
7. Gingy & Bordello ­- All Day (Robert Hood Remix)
8. Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search -­ Monopole (Sims JFF Edit)
9. Tripeo -­ Kienokki (Edit)
10. Benjamin Damage -­ Recursion
11. Ben Sims ­- Raise Your Hands (Mr G Remix)
12. Mark Broom ­- 133
13. MDL vs JR ­- Belmont (Edit)
14. Marcel Dettmann ­- Corebox (James Ruskin Blueprint Mix)
15. Mark Ambrose -­ Shooting Stars (Fokus Group Remix Edit)
16. Robert Hood -­ Moveable Parts (Untitled 1 ­ Mark Broom Edit)
17. Ben Sims -­ Break Glass (Sims Remix Edit)
18. L-­Vis 1990 ­- SDS5000
19. Sandrien -­ I Left My Girlfriend In A Club (Edit)
20. J Tijn – ­U U U
21. Nphonix -­ Tactix (Sims JFF Edit)
22. Mike Dehnert -­ Eigenzeit
23. Ben Sims ­- Break Glass (L­Vis 1990 Dance System Remix Edit)
24. L-­Vis 1990 -­ Wires
25. Donnie Tempo ­- Tazmanian Virus (Sims JFF Edit)
26. Chicago Skyway ­- Fall Down (Sims JFF Edit)
27. Chicago Skyway -­ Ride 3 (Sims JFF Edit)
28. Truncate ­- Room Mode
29. Truncate -­ Model 1
30. Paul Mac ­- Grind Returns (Ritzi Lee Remix)
31. Ben Sims -­ Samurai (Edit)
32. Julien H Mulder -­ Symmetric Timeline (Sims JFF Edit)
33. Rod ­- 90’s (Edit)
34. Ben Sims ­- Something (Sims Beats Mix Edit)
35. Terrence Dixon -­ Minimalism A1 (Ben Klock Remix)
36. Ø [Phase] ­- Distracted
37. Ben Sims ­- Dream State (Edit)
38. Ben Sims ­- Raw Hide
39. Pfirter ­- Ahora (Sims JFF Edit)
40. Ben Sims -­ Neurosis (Surgeon Remix Edit)
41. Clouds ­- Chained To A Dead Camel
42. Fokus Group -­ Nut Nut
43. Ben Sims ­- Joyrider (Trevino Remix Edit)
44. Special Request -­ Broken Dreams