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Lo Recordings tap Luke Vibert for a third Nuggets compilation

The Cornish legend returns with a third hand picked volume of library music delights.

Across numerous aliases for labels such as Warp Records, Rephlex, Planet-Mu and Ninja Tune, Luke Vibert has racked up the sort of discography that places him in the pantheon of UK post hardcore treasures alongside Aphex Twin and Autechre. His multi-faceted approach to electronic music has incorporated deranged jungle as Amen Andrews, classic filtered disco house as Kerrier District and acid drenched electronica as Wagon Christ, so it makes for little surprise that Vibert’s knowledge of electronic music outranks most. 

Lo Recordings have made optimum usage of Vibert’s taste for the obscure and strange via their Nuggets compilation series; commencing in 2001, the Nuggets series essentially hands Vibert the keys to the unreleased archives of various library music operations. Whereas the first two editions compiled material from numerous sources including the Chappell, Southern, iM, PIL, Peer and Parry libraries, the forthcoming third edition focuses specifically on the archives of Bruton Music Library.

Due for release next month, Nuggets Vol. 3 – Fresh Treasures from the Bruton Music Library brings together rare material from Bruton Music, a library founded in 1977 by KPM’s Robin Phillips, whose vast discography was renowned for the break with aesthetic tradition apparent on much library music. Generic sleeve art was abandoned in favour of lovingly designed, colour coded sleeves, whilst the synthesizer heavy tone of the music made for a vibrant change from the neo-classical compositional style adopted by the established library outposts. 

Lo Recordings will release Nuggets Vol. 3 – Fresh Treasures from the Bruton Music Library on double CD and double LP format on October 14.


1. Frank Mcdonald, Chris Rae, Gerry Shury, Barry De Souza – Bass Drive
2. Alan Hawkshaw – Fuel Injection
3. Francis Monkman – New Technology
4. Brian Bennett – The Prowler
5. Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti – Dank
6. Francis Monkman – Daredevil
7. Jeremy Lubbock – Speedbird
8. Adrian Baker & Roy Morgan – In Close Harmony
9. Trevor Bastow – Motion 1-8
10. Irving Martin & Brian Dee – Silicone Chip
11. Irving Martin & Brian Dee – Making The Action
12. Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti – Pacewaved
13. Les Hurdle & Thorir Baldursson – Macrochip
14. Francis Monkman – Current Affairs
15. Brian Bennett – Discovery
16. Alan Hawkshaw – Beach Journey
17. Jeremy Lubbock – Full Blast
18. Alan Hawkshaw – Mini Micro
19. Irving Martin & Brian Dee – Energy
20. Irving Martin & Brian Dee – Action Underscore
21. Alan Hawkshaw – Soft Throttle
22. Francis Monkman – Getting Ready
23. Bill Campbell & Aaron Harry – Galaxy (I’m The Ruler)
24. James Asher – Scratch City
25. Adrian Baker & Roy Morgan – Freshman
26. Francis Monkman – Think Big