Shawn O’Sullivan debuts on Avian with 400PPM project

Led Er Est member and L.I.E.S. affiliate joins label run by Shifted and Ventress with six track EP. 

Due out next month and simply titled Avian 11, the six-track release sees O’Sullivan adopt the new 400PPM moniker for what’s described as “stark, rattling techno,” fitting in snugly on Avian, who have developed a defined aesthetic since the label launched thanks to material from SHXCXCHCXSH, MPIA3 and Shifted under his various monikers. The New York-based producer is the first Stateside Avian addition thus far, and although surprising brings with him a deep knowledge of techno developed over a broad range of musical projects.

Most recently seen working with Beau Wanzer as Civil Duty on Anthony Parasole’s label The Corner, O’Sullivan has also featured on L.I.E.S. as Vapauteen and recorded perhaps our favourite WT Records release with last year’s Free Flight 12″He also has a more storied history as part of prolific new wave trio Led Er Est and is set to release material on Minimal Wave offshoot Cititrax later this year as Further Reductions, a project O’Sullivan shares with Katie Rose.

Avian will release Avian 11 by 400PPM in mid-October replete with postcard insert (pictured below).


A1. Non Nocere
A2. Occupational Exposure
A3. Lean Manufacturing
B1. Piquette Plant
B2. Monoculture
B3. Evitandus