Leibniz joins fourth Fourth Wave

Sample the Leipzig producer’s forthcoming EP for the Ramp sub label.

Although Fourth Wave’s discography has had more than its fair share of Gerry Read releases in its two year lifespan, its also broken a few equally as impressive new talents in the crossover world of house and bass such as Presk, Felix Lenfenrink and Δ Δ. The label are about to add another interesting prospect to their roster with the second release from Leipzig-based producer Leibniz, who first emerged in February with a self-titled debut of emotive house on Fairplay Records.

Although we’re not certain if a fondness for Germany’s finest chocolate biscuit export are among the producer’s interests, we do know that he makes some particularly fine house music – think the effervescent chord-heavy Rush Hour Direct Currents output of Cosmin TRG with a little more New Jersey swing, something which is no bad thing in our books. Those wishing to get a taste for the three track EP ahead of its release on October 21 can stream clips below.