Still Music are In The Dark once more

Jerome Derradji’s label preparing a second compilation focused on Detroit beatdown.

Back in 2005, the fledgling Still Music issued In The Dark (The Soul Of Detroit), a compilation that pulled together tracks from some of the “essential creators and perpetuators of the musical heritage of the Motor City” including Rick Wilhite, Delano Smith, Mike ‘the teacher’ Huckaby, and Marcellus Pittman. Due to its content and highly limited nature, the compilation became something of a collectors item, commanding some imaginative prices on Discogs. Last year saw Still Music reissue the compilation, adding a 30 minute documentary entitled In the Dark: Voices that purported to “shed a light over the mystique of the Detroit scene.”

With Still Music already engaged in detailing the story of two Chicago house labels via soon to be released compilations, the label have now announced plans for a second volume of In The Dark, due for release late next month. Taking the title of In The Dark: Detroit Is Back, the compilation is described in a press release as “a journey through Detroit’s basement clubs, studios and warehouses, an uncompromising view of one of the most progressive music city in the world.”

Some 24 tracks deep, the compilation sees the return of The Soul Of Detroit contributors Marcellus Pittman, Rick Wilhite and Keith Worthy whilst also opening the invitation to a whole host of other Detroit names, both established and new. The recently profiled Terrence Dixon, Patrice Scott, Reggie Dokes and Underground Resistance pairing Gerald Mitchell and Mike Clark are notable inclusions, and it’s nice to see the talented Alex Israel rub shoulders with such luminaries.

Still Music will release In The Dark: Detroit Is Back on 3xLP and 2xCD formats on October 28



1. Craig Huckaby – The Answer Feat Kelly Hayes
2. Alex Israel – Bubble Wrap 106
3. Reggie Dokes – Cyber Love
4. Patrice Scott – Cosmic Rituals
5. Gabbamonkey – 2 Pace Back
6. Delano Smith Feat. Diamondancer – A Message For The DJ
7. Todd Modes – I’d Rather Be With You
8. Patchworks – Celebration (Amp Fiddler Rmx)
9. Mike “Agent X” Clark – Free Your Mind
10. Raybone Jones & Jon Easley – As She Moves
11. Rick Wilhite – Magic Water (St Jean Remix)
12. Tony Ollivierra – Hemoglobin (Jerome Derradji Acid Mix)


1. Marcellus Pittman – Make It Work
2. Alex Israel – Cash Neutral
3. Terrence Dixon – The Fall Guy Pt.1
4. Keith Worthy – Cyclops
5. DJ 3000 – Faygo
6. Gerald Mitchell – Strongholds
7. Terrence Dixon – The Fall Guy Pt.2
8. Gabbamonkey – Underlying Dreams
9. Tony Ollivierra – Hemoglobin
10. D.L. Jones Feat. Amp Fiddler – Lonely
11. Delano Smith – Inception Dub
12. Gerald Mitchell – Fly Like Eagles


A1. Craig Huckaby – The Answer Feat. Kelly Hayes
A2. Alex Israel – Bubble Wrap 106
B1. Reggie Dokes – Cyber Love
B2. Patrice Scott – Cosmic Rituals
C1. Marcellus Pittman – Make It Work
C2. Terrence Dixon – The Fall Guy Pt.1
D1. Keith Worthy – Cyclops
D2. DJ 3000 – Faygo
E1. Alex Israel – Cash Neutral
E2. Gabbamonkey – 2 Pace Back
F1. Mike “Agent X” Clark – Free Your Mind
F2. Raybone Jones & Jon Easley – As She