Ital announces new single on Lover’s Rock

The Brooklyn producer will return to his own label for a two track release this month.

Although Mi Ami’s Daniel Martin-McCormick came to prominence under the Ital name in 2011 with the Ital’s Theme EP on 100% Silk, it was his Culture Clubs 12-inch on his own Lover’s Rock imprint that held most affection in our hearts; although the inclusion of a Hieroglyphic Being remix was enough to guarantee our attention, it was the woozy title track which sounded like classic Chicago house draining down a plughole that made it stand out.

Although McCormick has enjoyed success on Planet Mu and Workshop over the past year, he will be making a return to Lover’s Rock for his next release, the two-track Throbbing/Nodding 12-inch. Like his recent Workshop cuts, the tracks see¬†McCormick edge closer towards straighter techno rhythms, with the more shimmering aspects of his sound firmly intact; clips of both can be listened to below.

Lover’s Rock will release¬†Throbbing/Nodding on 12-inch vinyl on September 16.


A1. Throbbing
B1. Nodding