XOSAR presents the Wildlyfe Genesis for Créme

The Lowlands-dwelling analogue mystic will make her solo label debut on DJ TLR’s imprint in October.

Last seen remixing BNJMN for Rush Hour as part of Xamiga (another project shared with Wolfers), XOSAR’s next solo release takes the form of the two-track Wildlyfe Genesis 12″ for Créme. First hinted at in an interview with the Créme boss at the start of the year, the announcement continues Sheela Rahman’s ongoing flirtations with Dutch labels, having previously released XOSAR material on Rush Hour as well as debuting the Trackman Lafonte and Bonquiqui ‘surfer house’ project shared with like-minded soul Danny ‘Legowelt’ Wolfers on Créme last year.

Eagle eyed XOSAR followers will undoubtedly realise that the title track from the forthcoming 12″ has been listed on the artist’s own website under the unreleased tracks section, and DJ TLR informs us that its B-side accompaniment is of a similar vintage, dating back to the time of her debut release on L.I.E.S. Samples of both are available to stream below. Much like Rahman’s output for Rush Hour, the sleeve for Wildlyfe Genesis has been designed by the artist herself, though it takes on a much less mystical look than those records, executed in a manner that looks like it was inked during her high school days.

Créme Organization will release Wildlyfe Genesis by XOSAR in mid-October.


A. Wildlyfe Genesis
B. Eye Of The Wavestorm