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DMX KREW joins the No ‘Label’ fray with Reith Tracks

A mini LP recorded by the UK veteran on an Austrian farm is due in late September.

Since its foundation in mid 2011, the No ‘Label’ operation overseen by Rush Hour’s distribution branch has become a genre eschewing outlet for a smorgasbord of established names. Codeine addled disco by Hype Williams artist Dean Blunt, ice cool Detroit electro from Stellar Om Source, Native American drone from William Burnett as Black Deer and rugged half-step hardcore from the pigman Aardvarck remain highlights of the label’s output thus far. Given the label’s approach, the addition of veteran UK producer Ed Upton under his most recognisable DMX KREW alias makes perfect sense; in a recording career spanning nearly two decades and countless aliases, Upton has touched on numerous strands of electronic music.

Apparently recorded in full last summer whilst Upton was residing on a farm in the Austrian municipality of Reith im Alpbachtal, the forthcoming Reith Tracks is the most expansive No ‘Label’ release yet and demonstrates Upton’s all encompassing approach fully on the basis of the available audio – streaming below. Upton’s evidently been busy with the news of this ‘mini’ LP following the announcement he will soon release the Frozen Stomp LP through Milo Smee’s Power Vacuum label under his EDMX alias.

No ‘Label’ will release Reith Tracks by DMX KREW on LP format in late September.


1. Hammock Yard
2. Trees Are Dancing
3. Trees Are Dancing 2
4. Rain Catcher
5. Guest House
6. Woodpile
7. Hayloft
8. Kitchen Bench