Marc Piñol steps up for Edit Service

The I’m A Cliche series of free edits reaches no. 21 with a choice cut from Hivern Discs’ secret weapon.

The Barcelona resident has been in the production game for a few years under various guises, but Piñol seems to have found his home in the Hivern Discs family, showcasing his knowledge of obscure ’80s wave and industrial tracks on both the label’s limited Hiverned 10″ releases. Sift through Piñol’s Soundcloud and you’ll find more of the same – his revision of Cabaret Voltaire’s “Kino” being a particular favourite in the Juno Plus office. As such, Piñol is a perfect candidate for the Edit Service series which has quietly slipped into double figures since it was founded, and he joins the likes of Lee Douglas, Young Marco, Bintus and I:Cube in contributing. The resultant edit is a sublime DJ tool that unfurls deftly from the razor sharp synths and snapping drums into the source material which remains unidentifiable to these ears.