Lords Of Midnite unearthed by UTTU

Unknown To The Unknown turn to the analogue house sounds of a supposedly lost alien sect – listen in full here.

Primed for the next vinyl release from Unknown To The Unknown is the anonymous Lords Of Midnite. Described in lurid terms by the label as “a sect of humanoid aliens lost for generations and almost erased entirely from the history books”, the three tracks on the forthcoming Drown In Your Love EP are supposedly the “lost rhythms that some consider the key to existence” retrieved by US military droids. In reality,¬†the person responsible for the music actually resides much closer to home, and is someone with a fondness for multiple aliases and fanciful¬†backstrokes; the penchant for rave-inspired breakbeats, Chicago house and tape saturation present across the three tracks, which can be streamed in full below, should offer some clue to those with sharper ears.¬†