Watch Stellar OM Source’s “Polarity” video

Watch the aquatic-themed video to accompany the opening track on Stellar OM Source’s recent Joy One Mile album.

If you’re yet to hear Stellar OM Source’s brilliant Joy One Mile yet, then this video to opening track “Polarity” is perhaps the best primer. In an interview with Juno Plus published last week, the producer – otherwise known as Christelle Gualdi – explained how film scores heavily influenced her album; although comparable to the vivid electro of Drexciya and hi-tech jazz-techno of Underground Resistance, Joy One Mile sees the producer try to create vivid emotional images, through what Gualdi described as a “lonely but ecstatic way of enjoying” her music.

The video is an interesting extension of this idea; the stark, dramatic synth tones in “Polarity” build up to a dramatic emotional climax just as one of the video’s subjects is fully immersed and isolated in a darkened swimming pool, emerging just as the track’s energy dissipates.