Listen to Demdike Stare’s Testpressing #003

Demdike Stare have sneaked out another of their visceral, vinyl-only Testpressing releases on Modern Love – listen to it in full here.

The two previous entries in the Testpressing series have seen the Mancunian duo of Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty moving away from their meditative, dark, sample collages, to combine noise and industrial elements with the rhythmic framework of jungle, much in the vein 2562 or T++; “Primitive Equations” from Testpressing #002 has been a firm Juno Plus favourite over the past month.

The third sees the duo adopt a slightly different approach; described as a “devotional to the soul of deep Chicago and Detroit house”, “Eulogy” takes its cues from the classic square wave basslines of Mr Fingers and Terrence Dixon, with swelling synths anchored by weighty kick drums. “Dyslogy” sees the duo return to significantly darker pastures, with a track described as an “early ‘Waveform Transmission’ or H&M bomb spanked by Anthony Shakir”, disguising it’s relatively modest tempo with crunchy breakbeats, monolithic, dystopian chords and drillbit synth pulses.