Listen to Kassem Mosse’s remix of Stellar OM Source

Acquaint yourselves with Kassem Mosse’s remix of “Elite Excel”, lead track from Stellar OM Source’s forthcoming album for RVNG Intl. 

The recently announced Joy One Mile makes for one of the most potentially intriguing long players to surface this year, with The Netherlands based Stellar OM Source handing over all seven tracks to Leipzig based house maverick Kassem Mosse to mix and arrange without any significant further instruction. In essence this remix of “Elite Excel” from Kassem Mosse – which sits face down on a preceding 12″ release – is a further recasting of his own sonic intentions with the original version and feels even less concerned with maintaining an active dancefloor dynamic across it’s six minute duration. A loose, woozy take on the original’s amalgamation of freeform sounds gradually unravels to the point where the beat is discarded entirely leaving the swampy concoction of textures to levitate in stasis.