Old Apparatus herald Compendium with live video

Watch a video of Old Apparatus performing a live set in the unlikely location of their own front room.

Since first appearing on Mala’s Deep Medi in 2011, Old Apparatus have shown themselves to be one of the most interesting outfits operating at the fringes of dubstep, instrumental hip hop and ethereal electronic sounds. Last year saw the launch of their Sullen Tone imprint, which has since become the primary home of their recorded output; the four EPs showcased the group’s uniquely democratic approach, with one being attributed to the group and three to individual members, but all bearing the Old Apparatus name.

This output will soon be collected on a forthcoming release called Compendium, which selects highlights from those first four EPs across ten tracks. In advance of the compilation arriving on June 3, the group have recorded this 25-minute live set which takes place in their own front room. It makes for surprisingly atmospheric viewing, with the overlaid visuals certainly offering something more unique than your average Boiler Room live set.