Planet Mu introduce John Wizards

Traditional and futuristic strains of South African music meld on John Wizards, a new signing to Planet Mu. 

Having spent the past few years promoting the sounds of contemporary Chicago with a raft of albums from footwork artists such as Traxman, Young Smoke and most recently RP Boo, Planet Mu are embarking on a continental shift with the addition of John Wizards. The Cape Town-based seven piece act are led by producer John Withers, and their forthcoming Planet Mu debut Lusaka By Night makes for a curious addition to the label’s roster.

Evoking similar feelings to the Shangaan Electro compilation, John Wizards take an approach that is respectful of African music tradition, yet wraps it in electronic elements such as warping bass, echoing delay and the heavily pitch shifted vocals of Rwandan singer Emmanuel Nzaramba. Due out in June, the Lusaka By Night 12″ sees two original productions from John Wizard complemented by remixes from Ital Tek and Hyperdub act LV, and precedes the release of a full John Wizards album on Planet Mu later this year. 

Planet Mu will release the Lusaka By Night 12″ by John Wizards on June 17.


1. Lusaka By Night
2. I Is
3. Tet Lek Schrempf (Ital Tek Remix)
4. Lusaka By Night (LV Remix)